Using Olfactory Marketing to Sell Your Property

Just imagine if someone purchased your property purely because they fell in love with the smell of the homemade biscuits that just happened to be baking in the oven? Unfortunately, selling a property is not that simple otherwise no one would have trouble at all in ensuring that their property was sold as quickly as possible. Today, it’s all about the price. Nevertheless, at the same time, the way in which you present your property to a potential buyer is still crucial. 

And when talking about good presentation, this is not solely a visual matter. Potential buyers would most certainly be put off if your property looked pleasing to the eye but smelt like a zoo.

To have the best chance of selling a property, you must ensure that it ticks all the boxes sense-wise.

In other words, that means it should look right, feel right, smell right, sound right and have the right style.

In fact, a study carried out by New York’s Rockefeller University has found that our senses have an evocative power to them, and our sense of smell is the strongest out of them all. This is why the use of this power has been dubbed ‘olfactory marketing’, as potential buyers are prompted into making a purchase since the smell in the shop or nearby area, which is so inviting or evocative of happy times, inspires them to put their hand in their pocket and hand over the money.

Scientists claim that it is possible for humans to remember up to 100 million different smells and that our sense of smell is 150,000 times more sensitive than our sense of sight. This is why our sense of smell is so often linked to memories from the past, for example, from our childhood, or a favourite holiday.

So, many estate agents often regard the smell of your home as highly important in the case of trying to sell it. One has to remember that a bad smell is not as easy to hide as a tatty object or broken piece of furniture! Therefore, it is crucial that your home smells nice.

So, which smells should you go for, and which ones should you avoid if you want to sell your home?

Many people think that the smell of a recently baked apple pie is enticing to viewers as they look round their property. However, recent studies have discovered that surprisingly, it is best not to have the smell of cooked food lingering when you show a potential buyer around your home.

Apart from the obvious, such as the smell of pets, damp, cigarette smoke etc., there are still quite a few more that we think might appeal to people but actually puts them off. These include the smell of stew, chocolate cake or fried food.

The study has also discovered that complex smells can also distract the prospective buyer from your property as they lose interest in what’s around them and try and work out what the smell is instead.

It has been found that people are 30% more likely to make a purchase in a shop if it is obvious what the aroma inside is. For example, not many people will be confused by the smell of orange, lemon, vanilla or pine.

While it is highly unlikely that someone will buy your property based solely on its smell, it is still important to ensure that your home is property aired and ventilated before a viewing. A bad smell in your home could be the difference between a sale and a no sale. Also bear in mind that anything with a natural and distinctive smell, like fresh flowers or fruit, will be more acceptable to most people than a chemical air freshener.