Plans to Move La Mata Wednesday Market Stall as Traders Not Happy with Proposed New Location

Plans to move the site of La Mata market have hit a snag, as over 160 traders have written to the council asking them to change the proposed new area.

Torrevieja council announced a new site a fortnight ago on various streets around La Mata, after they were told that they had to move from the existing plot due to subsidece issues. The authority said they had taken the decision after consultation with local groups.

The stallholders say that the roads would be too narrow for the market to operate on, and would cause problems similar to a decade ago that forced a move to what is now the current site.

The traders say that using Avenida de Los Europeos or Avenida de Francia would be far better, and are planning to meet Torrevieja’s markets councillor Javier Manzanares on Tuesday.