Next stop: Altea and his Muestra de Artesanía

The summer is here and in Altea this means that the charming Muestra de Artesania is back. The evenings around the Square of the Church are an explosion of stands where you can buy handmade products, enjoy shows and musical performances.

The ancient city centre of Altea will be again full of activity with Muestra de Artesanía up to 3 September. The main aim of this initiative is to display and promote the handmade crafts in Altea and year after year the artisans display works of important socio-cultural value. One of the guarantees, not like any other samples of this type, it is that the artisans have to prove what they are in order to be allowed to take part. With this information, imagine the wonders we can find!

The type of craftsmanship found in the Muestra is both artistic and of creation and it is considered among the best in Spain, which proofs why year after year, artisans from everywhere take part in it. And already they have celebrated are 34 editions! It is terrific to stroll in the early evening or at night along the city centre and get lost in the Muestra of craftwork. You will learn about a wide variety of skilled jobs in the artisanal treatment of materials like precious metals, metals, glass, wood, paper, ceramic, silk, etc.
Altea waits for you with all his charm. His secret corners will make you deeply in love with the city, his bay will trap you and all the rest, it is to experience it. Nature, gastronomy, culture and art make destination one of the most beautiful municipalities of Region Valencia.