Natural swimming pools in the Valencia Region

Do you want to take a dip, freshen up and enjoy a unique landscape? You don´t have to go to the beach: we have an ace up our sleeve which will make you fall in love. Come and discover the natural swimming pools in the Valencia region.

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Pou Clar (Ontinyent). The name actually says it all: Pou Clar (clear well) is one of the most beautiful natural swimming pools in the area, mainly because of its crystal clear waters which, for thousands of years, have excavated some beautiful pools in the calcareous rock. Don’t be afraid of its 13 degree temperatures, once inside, surrounded by nature, you will have a great time.

Los Charcos (Quesa). Rio Grande is responsible for this natural spot, which has given birth to four different natural pools over time. The place is lovely, so come well prepared: a picnic is always a good idea and take a selfie with its photogenic cascade in the background!

La Fuente de los Baños (Montanejos). This natural pool is located in Castellón, it´s surrounded by lush vegetation and has warm water, plus several hiking routes in its surroundings which are well worth a visit.

El Salto de la Novia (Navajas). With a height of some 60 metres and white like the veil of a bride, this waterfall is really impressive! It is not only beautiful, but is also surrounded of legends. They say that here, long time ago, to ensure a beautiful and durable marriage; the brides had to jump from the top of the waterfall. True or false? We do not know it, but one thing is clear: the natural swimming pool of el Salto de la Novia is one of the places not to be missed in Castellón.

Les Fonts de L’Algar (Callosa d’en Sarrià). If you need to rest and charge your batteries with a good dose of nature, this is your place. Les Fonts de l’Algar are only a short drive from Benidorm and they are spectacular: the route along the course of the river will allow you to access to different swimming pools of turquoise water. Relaxation guaranteed, but, in high season it would be better to visit them on weekdays as it is usually a very crowded destination on weekends.

This is only the beginning because there are many more natural pools: The Gorgo de la Escalera en Anna, Gestalgar, El Charco, The Gruñidor, Bolbaite… You will love visiting the inland areas as much as the coast!