Live the Mediterranean at the Winecanting Summer Festival in Alicante

The big celebration of the Alicante Protected Designation of Origin wines has come. On the 5th of June, the gardens of the MARQ (Museo Arqueológico Provincial de Alicante – Alicante Provincial Archaeological Museum) will be hosting the Winecanting Summer Festival. The event will have been celebrated for 10 years now; in fact, it has become a big meeting for the Alicante wineries.

wenty-three wineries within the Alicante Protected Designation of Origin will be presenting their wines to society. At the MARQ, attendants will be able to discover new vintages, labellings, innovative products and an oenotourist offer which is surprisingly improving its quality every year. Besides, representative products from the Alicante vineyard terroir such as cold meats, ‘perusas’ (typical pastries from Pinoso) and cheese can be sampled among other delicacies.

The Winecanting Summer Festival originated with the goal of supporting the Mediterranean lifestyle and the need of creating special moments and experiences while drinking a glass of wine. Practising winecantingis more than enjoying a good wine; it is living your life with cheerfulness, intensity and optimism. Live and feel the Mediterranean!

Alicante has been known for decades thanks to its tourism. The sun, its beaches, its mild climate, its gastronomy, the exotic palm groves and its orchards turn the city into one of the most sought-after destinations. But, apart from the image of blue domes, mountains nearby the sea, palm trees and brass band music, there is another type of experience that you must not miss. You will find it in an area where the landscape of vineyards, olive trees and fig trees will make you discover the Alicante Wines:

Go ahead and visit the wineries and the councils in inland Alicante, you will not regret it.