Preparing Your Home For Sale

Preparing Your Home For Sale

Prepare your home for sale

Four quick wins to make before you put your property on the market:


Buyers can often struggle to see past heaps of furniture and personal items, and they can make rooms feel small. Consider renting some external storage space to house items until you move. But try to strike a balance – remember people often buy into a lifestyle. Try and show them your home life at its best.

A fresh lick of paint

Try to step back and look at your home objectively. Right now, selling your house – and not your attachment to a particular wallpaper design – is the priority. Consider if areas can be tidied up by a quick lick of paint. Don’t go overboard though – it’s good for property’s to show some personality, rather than feeling like empty white boxes. A splash of colour to one feature wall can be really effective.

First impressions count

Buyers will often drive past a property to rate its curb appeal before they express any interest. Tidy up the garden or driveway, clean the windows, and give the front door a spruce with some fresh paint.

Fix, fix, fix

Small outstanding repairs can be easy to ignore when you see them every day, but when a buyer comes to look around your property they can make the place look really tired. Look around every room in your house, make a list of quick-fixes and get them sorted.

Adding value to your home

Five long term considerations if you’re thinking about moving in the coming months or years

Central heating

Installing full gas or oil heating to your property could add to the purchase price of your home.

Double glazing

Double glazed windows are far more energy efficient than traditional window fittings, plus they keep the noise out and are easier to maintain. Make sure you consider the age of the building before you go gung-ho with UPVC, as in some period properties you can improve the value of your property by maintaining the original windows.


Kitchens are a huge selling point for so many buyers, so upgrading appliances now can pay dividends in the long run.   Stylish and professional appliances are always a safe bet.

En suite

According to research from Channel 4 Homes, a typical 4 bedroom home with an en suite to the master bedroom is worth £10,000 more than an equivalent property without en suite.


This is one of the most expensive options, but could offer the biggest return on investment. An extension or loft-conversion can add up to 23% to the value of your property. Always make sure you have planning permission from your local authority before you engage in this kind of work and you will also need building regulation approval afterwards.