Inspection Trips

Inspection Trips

If you are interested in buying one of our properties, then you really do want check them out personally, with an Inspection Trip that will deliver exactly what you want. Just let us know!

We know that paying thousands of pounds or euros for a property in Spain is a vital decision that you don’t to make lightly without having a look around and getting a sense of the area that you will hopefully be living in.

The Inspection Trips that we put together will allow you to learn everything that you need to know about our portfolio of properties and to put some faces to our names. You’ll be able to work your way around what we have to offer and get immediate answers to all your questions over everything that we have to offer. And we will sort out all your travel arrangements as well, as you can mix some business with pleasure!

Even before you get to Spain, we will sort out a list of properties that fit what you are after, so that you can hit the ground running, and not have your time wasted. We will give you personal service when you arrive over here, and besides going around your tailor-made selection of properties, we will take you around the various local areas to check out all the key facilities like shops, bars, restaurants and the beautiful beaches.

Hopefully you will find something that you will want to buy, and we will arrange for you to put down a deposit to make sure that you don’t lose it. You’ll also be given a chance to talk to locally-based financial advisors and solicitors to make sure that you are happy and that everything is done in a right and proper manner to give you complete peace of mind. Crucially you’ll also be able to bombard the experts with every question possible, and there will be no pressure or hard-sell routine from our company. We want something that is right for you, and a good deal for you is good business for us, as you spread the word that you have had a satisfying buying experience.


Phone us to chat about a possible Inspection Trip.
Organise your flights, which we will refund up to 250 euros per couple if you buy through us.
Tell us your flight schedule, and we will sort out some accommodation up to four nights, which would include breakfast.
We will meet you at the airport, and then look after you during your stay, as well as taking you back! We will take you around all the properties that you want to check out, and fix you up with a range of meetings. Don’t worry! The evenings will be all yours to have a great time and mull over everything that you have seen.

Take advantage of a laid-back Inspection Trip without the hard sell, which will allow you to take a decision about buying one of our properties in an informed way. Also, if you are regular visitor to Spain, then touch base with us on your visit, as we will take you around our selection of homes. You can see as much or as little as you want, as we guide round areas that we love and know.