Eagle Air Displays on the Mar Menor

The Spanish Air Force equivalent to the red arrows, the Patrulla Águila, or Eagle Patrol, will be performing two air displays from their San Javier base over the next 2 week.

The first, on Sunday the 16th of July, will be celebrating the Virgen del Carmen fiesta. Centred on the beach that is next to “La Curva” at Lo Pagán.

Then, on Tuesday the 25th of July, the attention will be around the Club náutico de Santiago de la Ribera, celebrating the fiesta of Santiago Apóstol.

The timings depend on weather conditions, but will take place somewhere between 10 in the morning ant 2 in the afternoon. Of course, because these are air displays, you don´t have to be at the specific locations to watch and enjoy the spectacle, yuo will be able to see it from just about any beach in the Mar Menor area, including San Javier airport where they are based.

Patrulla Águila formed in 1985 and is the aerobatic demonstration team of the Spanish Air Force. They are based at San Javier, where the officer academy is located.

They fly 7 Casa C-101 Aviojets, with static displays of redundant aircraft placed around the area, including at Cartagena and the Dos Mares roundabout.

They are the only team to use yellow smoke, used to create the colours of the Spanish flag, and are also known for their formation landings.