Carcaixent Modernist Fair, a unique event in the Region of Valencia

From the 9th to the 11th of June, Carcaixent (Valencia) will be hosting a unique and very special event: the Modernist Fair. It is an activity that originated with the aim of making the city and its rich heritage known to the public. Attendants will be able to discover the urban life of its streets, the quality of its gastronomy, the beauty of its landscape, the calmness of its vegetable gardens and its active cultural life.

What will you be able to see during the Modernist Fair? The organisation has prepared plenty of activities that include open days in the most representative buildings, historic simulations, stalls with artisan products, performances, activities for the youngest ones, gastronomy, urban routes and visits to the vegetable gardens.

The fair’s poster is based on an advertisement that was released by a local company devoted to the production of orange juice and orange extracts. The original creation was made by Valencian painter Josep Segrelles. With this poster, they continue with their objective of making orange the centre of attention.

Modernism is a European artistic style that was developed between the 19th and the 20th centuries and that is linked to the rise of the bourgeoisie as a dominant class. In Valencia and Carcaixent, Modernism expanded later than in other places and it can still be seen today in plenty of buildings.

Go back to the Modernist period in Carcaixent, a cultural tourism destination that is proud of its heritage apart from being a referent of the orange greatness.