Aras en Flor, ephemeral gardens

Geraniums, rosemary, lavender, almond trees, chamomile and the more traditional rosebushes will decorate the many different corners and portals of the houses at Aras de los Olmos.
Something different, not to be missed.

Until July the 31st, you are invited to wander around the twelve ephemeral gardens decorating the streets of Aras de los Olmos in the Valencia region.

The contest Aras en Flor, which will also offer workshops and nature observation days, was born with the idea of showing off the beauty of this municipality in the early days of summer, and add another tourist appeal to this beautiful destination.

For some years, the Town Council of Area de los Olmos has donated rosebushes to the neighbours so that they can use them to decorate their gardens, and, therefore, give a more picturesque and appealing appearance to the town.

Now, flowers and other elements like pineapples, straw, sand or pinocha make the lovely designs of ephemeral gardens that are waiting to be discovered. Although there is a team of designers behind each of the gardens, the neighbours themselves do all the hard work of creating these mmasterpieces. Don’t you think it is a brilliant idea?

A curious fact. The Jardín Etnobotánico de Aras de los Olmos has been awarded as the best environmental initiative inside the III Contest of Cemeteries of Spain, as it is situated on an ancient graveyard.

And to complete your experience in Aras de los Olmos, it is worth waiting for night fall. This municipality is a renowned place for the world of Astronomy thanks to the quality of its sky, one of the cleanest in Spain, and free from light pollution. From Aras to the stars!