Alicante Province Remains Most Popular Province in Spain for Foreign Property Buyers

Alicante Province continues to be the busiest area of Spain for foreign property buyers, despite pessimistic fears that last year’s Brexit vote would cause a major slowdown in the market as far as British purchasers are concerned.  

Though actual nationalities are not reflected in the various regions of Spain in the Association of Property Registrars statistics, they do say that British buyers continue to dominate the market locally whilst there has been a UK slowdown nationally by two percent, based on the first quarter of 2017 figures, compared to the last three months of 2016.

Almost eight and a half thousand homes were bought by non-Spanish purchasers in the Costa Blanca region between January and March of this year, which was more than the Madrid, Barcelona, and Valencia City areas all put together.

One of the attractions of Alicante Province for British and foreign buyers, according to the Association, is that average property prices are considerably lower compared to areas like Malaga, Barcelona, and the Balearic Islands.