Alicante Province Population Rises for Second Year Running

The Alicante Province population figure has gone up for a second successive year, albeit by a slim margin of 730, according to data compiled by the National Statistics Institute as of January 1st 2017.

One point eight million people officially reside in the area, with the rise down to internal migration within Spain, with just over 27 thousand people leaving Alicante Province and Spain altogether last year, up by nearly five thousand on the previous year.

British nationals lead the pack of non-Spanish departures, but in a counter-balance some 26 and a half thousand non-Spaniards came to Alicante Province last year, the biggest figure since 2008, and that arrivals figure was also led by the British, followed by Algerian nationals.

At present 345,875 non-Spaniards live in Alicante Province, which accounts for nearly 19 percent of the total population. The figures are calculated on pardon registration, which means that some foreigner residents are almost certainly “living under the radar”. The British resident figure is officially put at just over 74 thousand, some 22 percent of the foreign population, followed by Moroccans at 11 percent.

Over a third of foreign residents in Alicante Province live in the Alicante, Torrevieja, Orihuela, and Elche areas, with Rojales having the second-highest non-Spanish proportion of the population in the region, at 70 percent, which breaks down to over 12 thousand foreigners on the padron.