A Visit to Another World

The Courier newspaper, TKO Radio and have teamed up with the Terra Natura animal park in Benidorm to offer you the chance to win four free tickets to the park every week, so the whole family can have a fun day out meeting some of the wonderful and exotic animals on display at the park.

From the moment you walk through the gates you are immersed into another world, as Amazonian plants adorn the walkways with large parrots and other colourful birds flying wild through the trees. Keep an eye out for Wayne, a rather bolshie parrot, who flatly refused to return to his handler during our visit this week, instead choosing to lead the keepers on a wild goose (or should that be parrot) chase through the forest.

Tiny monkeys and other delightfully cute animals are waiting for you as you move towards the aviary itself, where you then meet up with hundreds of other birds from around the globe, and maybe even the odd one or two monkeys swinging through the trees.

As you leave the aviary, you pass through the darkness of the bat cave before emerging back into the wild where a central island plays home to another colony of monkeys, surrounded by the Iberian Lynx, wild boar and much more, before you reach the fearless and commanding panther enclosure.

If large cats are your thing then you will love the tigers who roam wild through their enclosure, playing with each other and getting up close and personal with the visitors, albeit through the safety of toughened glass, and including the latest addition to the family, a white Bengal tiger.

We will tell you about more of the animals next time but for now, make sure you listen to TKO Radio every day for your chance to win a set of tickets, but don´t worry if you´re not lucky enough this week, check through the pages of The Courier or visit for some incredible discount vouchers.